Little Gestalten - The Illustrated Atlas of Architecture and Marvelous Monuments - 5 Continents. 80 Countries


Schulfach Architektur, Englisch
Maße 30,5 x 42,0 cm
Seiten 48
Verlag Die Gestalten Verlag
ISBN 978-3-89955-775-6
Herausgeber Hendrik Hellige, Maria-Elisabeth Niebius, Robert Klanten
Illustrator Alexandre Verhille, Sarah Tavernier


Mali, in North Africa, is home to the largest building made out of clay; the structure only took one year to complete. For the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle,
465 tons of marble were hefted to the Alps to the building site. The Atomium in Brussels boasts the longest escalators in Europe. The largest mosque in the world is as big as 56 football fields. The Illustrated Atlas of Architecture and Marvelous Monuments presents
a world of breathtaking build- ings and their incredible stories through illustrated maps and engaging factsheets.
Sarah Tavernier and Alexandre Verhille have already deftly shown with Legendary Routes of the World that they are experts in showcasing the biggest and the best. Now, for The Illustrated Atlas of Architecture and Marvelous Monuments, they researched the longest bridges, tallest towers, the most impressive cultural sites, and plenty of curiosities. Exciting facts are woven together with a myriad of architectural styles; the material feats are skillfully and artfully placed upon bold maps, situating the constructions within a geographic context.