Globi and Roger - no. 92 Neu


Maße 30,5 x 42,0 cm
Seiten 100
Verlag Globi
ISBN 978-3-85703-463-3
Autor Boni Koller, Daniel Frick
Übersetzer David Levine
Illustrator Daniel Frick


Globi walks through the forest and almost stumbles over a tennis ball. How did it get here? Looking around the corner, he discovers ... Roger Federer in the middle of his family having a picnic and a happy get-together.

The two of them fall around each other's necks with joy. And this is the beginning of a turbulent and varied adventure story, with many funny episodes, lots of tennis, a fast-paced road trip to Wimbledon and a visit to Zambia, Africa.

Two famous personalities have come together for this adventure.

Roger, he quotes: "a dream has come true. I was allowed to meet Globi, one of the heroes of my childhood, and go travelling with him."

For Globi it is a great honour and pleasure to be travelling with the best tennis player in the world today!