Easy Concert Pieces, für Trompete und Klavier. Bd.1 - 22 Pieces from 5 Centuries. Trompete und Klavier. Ausgabe mit Online-Audiodatei. Neu


Maße 32,0 x 42,0 cm
Seiten 56
Verlag Schott Music
ISBN 978-3-7957-2199-2
Herausgeber Kristin Thielemann


The Easy Concert Pieces series presents easy to intermediate pieces for trumpet with piano accompaniment. Pieces typical of their era and suitable for auditions, public performance, competitions or examinations are ordered according to level of difficulty in three volumes. These Easy Concert Pieces also provide appealing additional material for use in trumpet lessons.All the pieces are recorded and included as audio download files with each book, both in full and playback versions (piano accompaniment). In addition to the enclosed part for trumpet in Bb, separate parts for trumpet in C accompanying each book are available for download at www.schott-music.com.Volume 1 (ED 22555) contains very easy to easy pieces with a range up to written c", with d" appearing as a short top note in just a few pieces. Simple and memorable rhythms, readily playable note sequences and patterns of articulation that can be mastered quickly and easily make this book ideal for beginners.Volume 2 contains easy to intermediate pieces with a range no higher than f". Besides extending rhythmic scope and requiring a little more in terms of phrasing and articulation, these pieces will encourage further exploration of musical contrasts.Volume 3 is of medium difficulty and intended for players with a well-developed embouchure who can play notes up to written g", though this note only appears as a short top note. Flexible articulation and legato playing with a well-developed dynamic range are required for pieces that are longer than those in the preceding volumes.Instrumentation:trumpet and piano