Schott Saxophone Lounge - Die Pop Saxophon Schule - Learn & Play in Modern Styles. Band 1. Alt-Saxophon. Ausgabe mit Online-Audiodatei. Neu


Maße 49,4 x 64,8 cm
Seiten 140
Verlag Schott Music
ISBN 978-3-7957-2056-8
Autor Dirko Juchem


Dirko Juchem's new textbook is a modern method which helps to prepare for playing the most popular music styles - from pop to rock to swing music! 34 easy and motivating songs help to learn essential fingerings and techniques with great ease. The downloadable listening and play-along tracks provided by Dirko Juchem and his band help you to get started - you're ready to go after lesson one!Thanks to the large number of songbooks in the Schott Saxophone Lounge series, the budding saxophonist has a vast repertoire of pieces at his/her disposal. You are well prepared for them after studying the two volumes of The Pop Saxophone method.Instrumentation:alto saxophone