Was ist Diakoniewissenschaft? - Wahrnehmungen zwischen Dienst, Dialog und Diversität


Seiten 312
Verlag Evangelische Verlagsanstalt
ISBN 978-3-374-05450-3
anderes Bernhard Mutschler, Thomas Hörnig


[What is Diaconic Science? Views on Service, Dialogue, and Diversity]
In the year commemorating the anniversary of the Reformation, this volume pursues the question: What is Diaconal Science ? The thirteen papers collected in this volume explore this question and offer various possible ways of engaging it. Starting from biblical and church historical considerations, these essays explore current developments and challenges in this field; these are followed by deliberations on the subject and methodology of this work, together with several pressing topics in current research, including immigration, poverty, the experience of work, spiritual care and sustainability. The volume opens with a preface by Prof. Dr. Christoph Schwöbel (St Andrews), and ends with an overview, which raises issues and points out perspectives for the 21st century.