Kinder und Jugendliche mit Down-Syndrom - Förderung und Teilhabe


Kindergarten, Vorschule
Seiten 252
Verlag Kohlhammer
ISBN 978-3-17-039508-4
Auflage 2. Aufl.
Autor Etta Wilken


This volume shows the ways in which support for and participation by children and young adults with Down syndrome can be linked together to succeed in a wide variety of contexts in life and at various ages. The focus is initially on support and participation in perfectly normal family life. The question of the support that is needed here is then raised, followed by the ways in which assistance can be organized. As the children move on to kindergarten and school, the topic of inclusion becomes central. The concepts involved and the framework required are presented here, and existing experience on the part of everyone involved is described. This is followed by a discussion of options for support and participation both for leisure time and for the after-school field, against the background of reports describing practical experience.