EinFach Englisch Unterrichtsmodelle

East is East


Sekundarstufe, Sekundarstufe I, Sekundarstufe II
Schulfach Englischunterricht
Maße 44,8 x 64,8 cm
Seiten 101
Verlag Schöningh
ISBN 978-3-14-041228-5
Ausstattung einige Abb., DIN A4
Herausgeber Carmen Mendez



Plot and characters - Scene index - Biographical information - Vorüberlegungen zum Einsatz des Films im Unterricht - Klausuren - Konzeption des Unterrichtsmodells - Components - Weiterführende Materialien - Bildnachweis

Component 1: Getting into the film: Getting started - Starting to work with the film: Sequence 1 - "Street parade" - Sequence 2 "Proud father"

Component 2: "East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet" - Characters and conflicts: Vorbemerkung - A character map - Long-term while-viewing task: Characterization - Sequences 3 to 5 with film title

Component 3: "How soon will you be going back"? - Immigration and integration: Vorbemerkung und Einstieg - Sequences 6 and 7: Bradford - Immigration policy

Component 4: "Love is a question of time" - Marriage and family: Vorbemerkung und Einstieg - Sequences 10 and 11: Violence in the family - Sequences 12 and 13: What kind of family? How to solve the conflict - Role play: Arranged versus love marriage - Creative writing: A loveless arranged marriage?

Component 5: "The language of humour" - Drama and comedy: Sequences 14 and 15: The Shahs meet the Khans - Sequence 16: "I know what's best"

Component 6: Post-viewing activities: The autobiographical background of the film - Analysing and writing a film review - Writing a screenplay