Shakespeare on Stage and Screen

Romeo and Juliet in Excerpts


Sekundarstufe, Sekundarstufe I, Sekundarstufe II
Schulfach Englisch
Klassenstufe 10. Schuljahr bis 13. Schuljahr
Maße 45,9 x 64,8 cm
Seiten 58
Verlag Schöningh
ISBN 978-3-14-040268-2
Ausstattung vierfarb., zahlr. Abb.
Autor Rainer Gocke, Marlena Tronicke, William Shakespeare


Romeo and Juliet: a celebration of love, passion expressed in its most poetic form, the tragic fate of two very young lovers, caused by the antagonism of their aristocratic families, but also - in Peter Ustinov's famous words - 'a comedy that has gone wrong', crowded with tension and suspense, which has fascinated millions of readers, theatre- and cinema-goers over more than four centuries and which never fails to attract students in classrooms and universities of the twenty-first century.