Easy Readers (Englisch) - Treasure Island - Lektüre


Sekundarstufe, Sekundarstufe I, Sekundarstufe II
Schulfach Englisch
Seiten 110
Verlag Klett Sprachen
ISBN 978-3-12-536242-0
Autor Robert Louis Stevenson


It is the story of the bloodthirsty and hard-hearted Captain Flint who, on his deathbed in 1754, drew the map of an island where he had buried his treasure - seven hundred thousand pounds in silver and gold.

Young Jim Hawkins is living with his father and mother when he meets the mysterious old seaman Billy Bones - the man who holds Flint's map of Treasure Island. Jim is drawn into a series of bloody adventures, which cost the lives of seventeen men and more and involve the evil old seaman Pew, Squire Trelawney, Dr Livesey, poor Ben Gunn, and the one-legged, two-faced Long John Silver, whose green talking parrot knows more than it should when it echoes the treasure-cry of Captain Flint: "Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!"