N1 Nikitin Pattern cubes Neu

Additional game templates


Maße 16,5 x 21,0 cm
Seiten 91
Verlag Westermann
ISBN 978-3-07-210011-3


Nikitin - Workshop for the pattern cubes (N1)

This Nikitin workshop perfectly complements the "Pattern Cubes", which is part of our successful Nikitin series. Included are many additional exercises for building as well as puzzles or colouring and cutting templates. Every child can be supported according to his or her level of achievement and learning. As with all our Nikitin games, the central learning principle still applies: move from easy to more difficult!

We recommend using the workshop together with the pattern cubes!

Area of learning:

  • Train perception and concentration
  • Discover positional relationships
  • Recognise symmetrical shapes
  • Creativity and combining

Content: 95 pages including solutions

Age level: 4 years and up

  • Kindergarten/Elementary
  • Transition from kindergarten/primary school
  • Primary school/primary level