Platon & Co. - Why Do Things Have Names?


Maße 26,8 x 18,4 cm
Seiten 48
Verlag diaphanes
ISBN 978-3-0358-0275-7
Autor Jean Paul Mongin, Junko Shibuya


Why is a horse called a horse and not a giraffe? Or a flapdoodle?

Why did Plato go from being called Aristocles, after his grandfather, to being called Plato, which means muscleman? Where do any names come from? In this delightful book, readers young and old will explore with Plato and ponder why anything or anyone has a name at all. Do readers know where their own name comes from?

»Why Do Things Have Names?« is the first in the series »Plato & Co« that addresses smaller children to discover the world
with Plato.