Honjok - The art of living alone


Maße 15,7 x 2,1 cm
Seiten 160
Verlag Eddison Books
ISBN 978-1-85906-459-7
Autor Francie Healey, Crystal Tai


Honjok is the South Korean term for loners and for those who undertake activities alone. Living and being alone is a growing, global phenomenon fed in part by the isolation that social media and technology can bring and by more people opting to remain single.

This beautiful and timely book analyzes the trend and explains the difference between lonely and alone; how introspection can present opportunities for self-discovery and building self esteem and how solitude can be nurtured to help foster more happiness and fulfilment. Giving practical, psychological and inspirational support, this book will help those embarking on their solo adventure to embrace solitude and independence with confidence.