Schott Pop-Styles - Exploring Jazz Guitar - Eine Einführung in Jazz-Harmonie, Technik und Improvisation. Gitarre.


Maße 23,3 x 1,4 cm
Seiten 192
Verlag Schott Music
ISBN 978-1-84761-516-9
Autor Phil Capone


Perfect for the beginner guitarist who wants to learn more about jazz, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of Jazz Guitar.
Author Phil Capone explains jazz harmony in a clear and accessible style, from simple chord changes through to the II-V-I progression, turnarounds and other classic jazz sequences.
Building steadily throughout the book, you'll learn authentic jazz voicings and accompaniment styles, as well as vital jazz theory.
Packed with practical advice on getting to grips with improvisation, "Exploring Jazz Guitar" unlocks the secrets of jazz harmony, allowing you to construct authentic jazz solos.
Complete with accompanying audio download files containing demonstration solos and live jazz backing tracks.