The Definitive Book of Body Language - How to read others' attitudes by their gestures


Maße 19,7 x 13,0 cm
Seiten 416
Verlag Orion
ISBN 978-1-4091-6850-8
Autor Allan Pease, Barbara Pease


This international bestseller explains everything you need to know about body language, how to read it, and how to put your best self forwards.

What people say is often very different to what they think or feel.

Now, with THE DEFINITIVE BOOK OF BODY LANGUAGE, you can learn to read others people's thoughts by their gestures. It sounds implausible, but body language is easy to pick up and fun to use. Find out:

How to tell if someone is lying
How to make yourself likeable
How to get co-operation from other people
How to interview and negotiate successfully
How to choose a partner

Learn the secrets of body language with Allan and Barbara Pease, bestselling authors of WHY MEN DON'T LISTEN AND WOMEN CAN'T READ MAPS.